Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yosef's emunah/bitachon problem..

or should I say, Our (my) emunah/bitachon problem?

Parshas Vayeshev
Yosef HaTzaddik was criticized at the end of the parsha for having asked the wine steward to mention his name to name to Par’oh. The last passuk even says that Yosef stayed in jail 2 years longer because of that and Rashi explains that because he relied on man instead of God..

My question is, maybe the wine guy was Gods helicopter, boat, etc… (I hope you know that story of the flooding..) and Yosef was supposed to grab that lifeline as his hishtadlus? What did he do so wrong?

My Rebbe HaRav Gamliel Rabinovitch shlit”a would answer this by saying we cannot ask about Yosef – if that is what the Torah says, we have no way of understanding it and just have to accept it. However, the Torah wants to tell us something for ourselves by giving us this information. That would be how much we need to improve ourselves and specifically our faith in hashem. If Yosef was considered as having a deficiency in emunah, how much more of a deficiency must we have and need to work on improving!!
I will be seeing him tomorrow night when he comes to give shiur. I will try to ask him this question and see what he says..

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