Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yisro and the Cubs.

Parshat Yisro

The Torah relates to us that Moshe told to Yisro all that Hashem had done to the Egyptians. "Va'Yichad Yisro". Rashi explains this in two ways. 1) Yisro was happy when he heard how the Jews had been saved or 2) Yisro got goose bumps when he heard what had happened to his former nation.
Basing himself on the second method of explaining the verse, Rashi tells us Yisro was distressed over the downfall of Egypt, as it used to be his nation.

Sometimes a person makes it as if his past never happened. We often find this by people who have become Baalei teshuva, or more Haredi than they had been previously. They will try to hide their past and act as if nothing they ever did had actually been done and experienced by them.

Rashi tells us that no matter how hard you try to bury your past, it will always be with you, even if only latently. There can always be something to trigger some feelings from the past.

That is why I will always love the Cubs, even though it makes no sense.

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