Thursday, August 10, 2006

Israel (could be) better than Egypt

Parshat Ekev

In 11:10 Moshe tells the nation, “For the land to which you are going to inherit, is not like the land of Egypt from which you departed, that you would plant the seed and water the garden with your foot.”

Rashi explains that Moshe was saying it is not like Egypt, but better than Egypt. In Egypt you had to bring water from the Nile River, as there is no rain. In the Land of Israel it will be easier, as all you have to do is plant and then wait for the rains.

I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, there are always problems of droughts in Israel. There is usually not enough rain and the farmers are always complaining of crops dying from lack of water. The government is always working to find alternative sources for water, such as importing from Turkey, desalination, etc.. So what makes this land so much easier? Sure there is no water to take and we just have to wait for the rain, but there is generally not enough rain!!!???

I was thinking that Moshe’s statement must be dependant on the behavior and attitude of the Jews. Life in Israel can and will be easier and better than it was in Egypt. It will be easier to water your crops. But only if you listen to God and do what He wishes. If we fulfill our side of the commitment, He will make our lives easier and provide the water we so dearly need. Rain is even one of the items specifically mentioned in the “tochacha” section of the curses in the Torah, in the sense that if we do not keep the Torah, the rain will be withheld.

That is why Moshe continues and says ”The land is constantly being watched by Hashem… (and continues) and I will bring the rains on your land in their proper time, etc..”.

It is not simply an easier life in Israel. However, if we would fulfill our side of the deal with Hashem, it would be.

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