Saturday, October 21, 2006

Questions I do not have answers to

Parshat B'Reishit

The following questions I had on the parsha that I have not yet thought of answers for nor have I found answers yet:

1. In 2:14 the Torah is describing the 4 rivers that branch out from Gan Eden. It describes 3 of them and says exactly where they go. When it gets to the fourth river, it simply says "And the fourth river is P'ras". No description. It does not tell us which land it surrounds. Why not? Why by the others does it describe their location but not by the P'ras river?

2. In 4:22 when delineating the descendants of Kayin, the passuk mentions the two wives of Lemech and their children. Then it says at the end of the passuk "and the sister of Tuval Kayin was Na'amah". Why does it relate her as the sister of Tuval Kayin instead of as the daughter of Lemech and Tzila?


knaidel maidel said...

I wish someone would post some answers to these questions. You really got me wondering.

Rafi G said...

I do not think enough people read this blog... thanks for coming in and commenting..