Sunday, December 24, 2006

who is this man?

Parshat Miketz

The question just came to me: Who is this man? In Miketz 41:45 Wee see Yosef given to marry Osnat the daughter of Poti Phera the priest of On. In the earlier reference to Potiphar in Parshat Va'Yeishev in 39:1, Potiphar is referenced as a minister of Pharoah, the Chief Chef (Sar Hatabachim).

Is this the same man?

According to Rashi it seems to be. Rashi brings a midrash that says Yosef saw with Ruah Hakodesh he would have children from Potiphar. So when he married Osnat daughter of Poti Phera, that would imply it is the same person.

Is it the same man? Did Potiphar receive a promotion to priest of On? Were they two different people? Was it the same man? Why was he referenced as a minister and chief steward/btcher/chef earlier and later as a priest?


MC R said...

Because he originally bought Yosef for homosexual purposes (see commentators ad loc)

G-d miraculously caused him to become permanently impotent.

(intensifying Aishes Potifar's problems?)

Later, he became a priest, presumably as a platonic person this was a more suitable occupation.

(perhaps he was impressed by the priests cleverness and honesty in proving Yosef innocent of trying to attack his wife, that she was in fact to blame. (Yosef rewarded the priests later with freedom from the Egyptian "chomesh" - tax) They proved this forensically by the way his coat was torn. We can see Potifar believed them, because if he didn't he would surely never have allowed Yosef to live after attempting to rape his wife)

It is not clear if he had to give up hs former ministerial roles

(I recall some commnetators say that changing "Potifar" to "Poti Fera" represents his miraculous loss of potency)

Rafi G said...

interesting answer. shkoyach!