Wednesday, March 28, 2007

precise instructions

Parshat Tzav

In 8:36 it tells us that Aharon and his sons did as Hashem commanded through Moshe.

Rashi tells us that this tells us the praise of Aharon and sons that they did not divert at all from what Hashem told them to do. Everything was followed precisely.

Why does the Torah have to keep telling us this? This is exactly why they were the leaders rather than other people leading the nation - because they followed Hashem's instructions precisely without mixing in their own preferences.
The Torah keeps telling us how they followed precisely what Hashem said. Ok, we got the point already. Why keep telling us?

I do not have an answer at this point. Maybe this will be question of the week.. Do you? If yes, leave it in the comments..

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a_man said...

Good question. I'm not sure about all the other times that it mentions that Aaron and his sons followed insructions, although in some cases there are clear answers in the mefarshim.

Could it be that in this specific instance this is the very beginning of Aaron's (and sons') kehunah? After this point Moshe is no longer involved in performing the tasks of a Cohen and it's entirely up to Aaron and sons to carry out these duties?

In other words, this perek was the final preparation to hand over the job from Moshe to Aaron and sons and the Torah mentions that all the necessary prerequisite steps have been fully carried out to in their entirety by Aaron and sons, in all their details with all stipulations and kavanot. I.e., the emphasis is perhaps on the word "Kol (HaDvarim)". And so the hand-over is now complete...

Just a guess..