Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shmos: keeping it secret

Parshat Shmos

In 4:18, after Hashem gives Moshe instructions about going back to Egypt and talking to Pharoah, etc... Moshe goes back to his family and Yisro and he tells them he has to go back to Egypt to see how they are doing there....

Why did he not tell them the truth? Was he afraid they would not believe him? would they try to talk him out of it? would they think he was crazy?

This shows us that when a person has a plan, when he is working on a big project, don't tell people what you are doing. Even those close to you. They will steal your thunder, they will try to talk you out of it, they will ruin it somehow. Get the project rolling and then tell them when they can no longer ruin it for you.



shaya g said...

yeah sure - you try that with your wife and see how long till you get whacked with a frying pan for lying to her.....

Rafi G said...

I wrote this up poorly. I should have written it like this:

A person might have a venture he is interested in doing. If he tells people about it, if he asks advice of epople, he will find that the world is full of naysayers. Most people will say "no" "don't do it" "too much work" "too risky" etc. Once you get a few people who are so discouraging, you lose your motivation to proceed.

Only tell those closest to you - your true friends, who will be honest and supportive.

Moshe did not tell Yisro because maybe he would have tried to discourage him. Maybe he would have been concerned for his daughter and grandkids. Maybe he would just be a naysayer. Moshe knew that he should not tell people about it before he actually gets down to business.