Friday, December 14, 2007

Va'Yigash: a bold offer

Parshat Va'Yigash

45:18 - Yosef told the brothers to come live in the land of Goshen and he would support them. Pharoah went even further and promised that they would be given the best of the Land of Egyp and eat from the fat of the land.

It was pretty bold of Pharoah to promise such a luxurious lifestyle, and it was pretty daring of them to accept such a promise - Egypt was in the middle of the worst famine in its history. Where would they get "the fat of the land" to give the brothers when they barely had enough bread to feed their own citizens?

But they all had complete emunah in Hashem. They all knew the situation was temporary and even though it looked bleak, they knew there was a purpose and would be an end to it.

Pharoah knew, Yosef knew, and the brothers knew.

Therefore because of this great emunah they had, Pharoah was able to make such a generous and bold offer, and they were able to accept it.

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